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A holistic approach to sustainable work life motherhood

momiculture understands the mental, emotional, social and physical loads mothers carry. That's why we provide specialized tools and resources to help make those loads sustainable throughout the different seasons of motherhood. Mothering is a journey and one not meant to be traveled alone.

Working mother? We've got you covered. Stay-at-home mom? We're here to support you. Something in between? Our tools and resources cater to all mothering identities and meet you where you are.

Through our experience with our clients, we've learned that mothers often come to us from a place of burnout, challenging dynamics around working outside of the home (or not) and wrestling with the division of responsibilities with partners and other stakeholders. We've also learned that is just the beginning.

For us, sustainable work life means an eyes-wide open, values driven and action-oriented journey. It is not passive or static or generalized. It is an intentional and active pursuit that iterates throughout our lives and is individualized. 

Holistic approach, centered around your unique circumstances

All moms have a lot to balance, and your unique circumstances inform the type of support that is right for you. The age of your child(ren), whether or not you work outside the home, your values and other factors all play a part.

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The Roadmap

Moms are often the Chief Medical Officer of their family, the Chief Executive Officer of their household and the Principal Planner for their family calendar. Those roles and responsibilities shift through different seasons, literally (summer versus winter) and figuratively (the age of your child(ren)). Let us provide you a roadmap so you can find relief from those parts of your mental load.

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The Inner Guide

When we become a mother and as we grow into different seasons, our routines and identities shift. We can lose ourselves in those changes. Ever wonder what life will be like when your child(ren) is older and what that will mean for your time and what you want to do with it? Wondering why you feel guilt? Feel like you are on the hamster wheel? Wrestling with anxiety? We cater content to meet you where you are and help you get clarity on some of these tough questions many moms face. Stop churning. Get grounded. 

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The Sounding Board

If you're looking for that next level of support, our certified coaches can help you assess your current situation and charter a path forward that feels right to you. Completely optional and here for you if you need it.

We're in this together

Humans are pack animals. It is in our nature. We aren't meant to mother alone.

Community Specialists

We invite specialists in the wellness and parenting support spaces to share their expertise through updated content for you. 

There is an important ecosystem that exists to support mothers and we aim to bring the best of it to you.

Community trends

Automated feedback from our customers help our community understand the collective mothering experience, normalize the journey and support each other and ourselves.

A survey respondent

“A lot of us feel alone and don’t know how to ask for help, especially if we don’t have family in town. I’d love to see a group development of moms who can lean on each other and know they’re in good company."

A coaching client

"I have felt supported in every way that matters throughout this [cohort coaching] process and this [gift] was the icing on the cake.  Thank you again for everything. I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of momiculture these last several months."

A leader in the maternal wellness space

“Your work at momiculture is addressing so many gaps that we hear from moms all the time.”

What   our   community is saying

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