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How it Works

Our app - coming in 2023

Our unique approach incorporates your individual circumstances, your personal preferences and data across our community to provide you tools and resources to meet you where you are in your mothering journey. 

Our coaching - available now

Cohorts of women challenged with nurturing a career and a family simultaneously. 3-6 months in length and covering topics such as work-life balance, time management and prioritization, career planning, leadership presence and personal brand, grooming and growing teams and more, these coaching engagements are a wonderful way to get clarity on what your own wellness means in life and at work.


Individual sessions focused on the life transition of becoming a parent, these coaching engagements are a rich resource for anyone planning to or recently did welcome a new child into their family. Understand your own assets, liabilities and pivot points related to your parenting wellness.

More on our app coming in 2023

The Roadmap

Take the guesswork out of all the seasons

Finding the energy and capacity to actively pursue your wellness can seem impossible if you are constantly bogged down with the mental list of all that mothers often manage for their families. The logistics of mothering an infant versus a toddler versus school-aged or older children are dramatically different. It's exhausting to figure it out from scratch and keep all of those details in your head. Often times this leads to feeling behind, getting stuck on waiting lists, missed opportunities and deprioritized self-care. Start with the default roadmap in our app, answer questions to customize the information, integrate with your existing calendar(s) and then feel the weight lifted of the load you carry trying to remember all of your family logistics. We'll help you work in some time for yourself and the things you love, too. After the initial set-up, our reminders and automatic check-ins will help us continuously improve on how to keep you feeling organized and ahead of the game and will help you understand how to shift your planning to enable more wellness. 

The Inner  Guide

Get grounded

Motherhood is a transition that requires us to change. We no longer care only for ourselves; we care for others too. We are often faced with tough decisions about our careers. We can lose ourselves in the messiness of our homes and our schedules. We aren't sure how our routines and responsibilities may shift as our children grow. All of this leads to an inner dialogue and physical impact that are big contributors to our wellness. By answering a few short questions and selecting how much time you can spend understanding your inner dialogue, goals, spirituality and more, we cater content to help you get grounded in your own individual identification of wellness. 

You set the time

You set the time

What's on your mind

What's on your mind

Content to match

Content to match

Your voice

Your voice

Your season

Your season

A personalized journey

A personalized journey

The  Sounding Board

Personalized Consult

Sometimes we all need a little extra support. As you utilize our Roadmap and Inner Guide tools, you will always have the option to engage with a coach. Maybe you need an impartial sounding board. Maybe you want a brainstorming partner. Maybe you just want to pulse check your experience in motherhood. Our certified coaches are ready to engage with you through virtual sessions that you can easily schedule through our app based on your availability.

Sounding Board and Community design (3).png

The Community

We aren't meant to mother alone

We believe in the richness of community. We source information from our community to improve our Roadmap and Inner Guide tools for you. We share community trends to normalize the mothering experience. We invite specialists in the wellness, coaching and parenting support spaces to share their expertise through updated content for you. 

A survey respondent

“A lot of us feel alone and don’t know how to ask for help, especially if we don’t have family in town. I’d love to see a group development of moms who can lean on each other and know they’re in good company."

A coaching client

"I have felt supported in every way that matters throughout this [cohort coaching] process and this [gift] was the icing on the cake.  Thank you again for everything. I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of momiculture these last several months."

A leader in the maternal wellness space

“Your work at momiculture is addressing so many gaps that we hear from moms all the time.”

What   our   community is saying

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