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Meet our founder

MTaylor Headshot.png

2021 - Present


At the end of 2021, Megan left her corporate job (see below) to focus full-time on momiculture. She has been going direct to the source and engaging with mothers through workshops, employer consultations, coaching sessions and more. 

Megan is R-PLC (RETAINTM - Parental Leave Coach) certified through the Center for Parental Leave Leadership.

2010 - 2021

Finance & Strategy Leader, Fortune 500 healthcare company

The initial catalyst for momiculture started when Megan founded a New Moms group at her Fortune 500 employer’s headquarters in 2014 after returning from her first maternity leave. That group still exists today and holds quarterly events for its ~70 members. While in her corporate career, Megan also leveraged her passion and her position as Vice President of Finance to establish other resources for mothers including a Mentor Mom program and a Working Parents Employee Resource Group (“ERG”). The experience Megan gained in establishing these resources helps her understand how to best support mothers through different seasons and the type of support mothers are actually seeking.

2014 - Present


Megan welcomed her first child in 2014 and her second in 2017. They are a constant inspiration to her and teach her as much (or more) as she teaches them.

Our company


momiculture phase 2

Our current phase is focused on translating all that we have learned through the ideating and phase 1 stages into accessible support for all mommas. That means technology and information you can get at your fingertips. We are so excited to reach mommas at large soon!

2021 - 2022

momiculture phase 1

The first year of momiculture has been all about continued learning - our founder, Megan Taylor (see above), focused on learning the coaching, wellness and parental support spaces and went direct to the source by offering coaching services and workshops to mothers to learn first-hand what wellness challenges are most present for them and how to help.

2014 - 2021

Ideating within the corporate landscape

Megan dedicated a good portion of her time while in her corporate job learning and investigating what type of support mothers want and need. She experimented with establishing and leading moms groups, mentor mom programs, workshops, parenting resource groups and more.

Why momiculture?

  • 8+ years learning and living the mothering journey and associated wellness challenges

  • Dozens of touchpoints with mothers to source information first-hand

  • Hundreds of mothers already engaging with us through multiple different channels

  • Well-networked within the coaching, wellness and parental support spaces

  • Passion - launching a start-up is not easy and our belief in the importance of supporting mothers keeps us powering through

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